MOTONATION MANUFACTURER SDN. BHD. (MMSB) has successfully organised the first ever KTM motorcycle treasure hunt event in the northen region of Malaysia on 6 July 2013. The event title was “KTM Duker Treasure Hunt 2013”.

KEDAH MOTORSPORTS CLUB (KMSC), the co-organizer, with their espertise and support in organising such event, it had managed to attract more than 80 participants from all over peninsular Malaysia.

In the morning, all participants lined up at registration counter in order to get their KTM T-Shirt & Sticker number. Then, their respective machines were inpected by KMSC commitee members for safety purpose prior to getting started. The principal and marshal of KMSC started a short briefing about treasure hunt rules and regulations, places of visits, access roads and etc.

The flag off event was officiated by the honorable guest Y.A.M Dato’ Seri Syed Badlishah Ibni Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail, Chairman of MMSB at the starting grid in front of the plant. All the riders started their treasure hunt journey with 20 questions & clues at thier hand. Along the treasure hunt process, all riders needed to go to the designated locations to unlock all the clues and questions until the last check point back to MMSB plant before 2.30 pm.

In the last segment, all riders needed to have “skill test” to supplement their points collection for the second chance to achieve much better result. They needed to cross the narrow-cordoned passage set by the organizer.

After a whole day event, everyone was invited to attend dinner at Sentosa Hotel, Alor Setar in the evening. All VIPs, dukers and officials apart from enjoying delicious crusine , they were entertained by a series of programmes i.e lucky draw, award presentation, live band from Flamingo Club. Via similar gathering event between the management and end consumers, it would spark and engage better relationship for exchanging and associating value feedbacks and ideas. The main objective of this event is to provide as part of the platform having ktm dukers to promote sense of tegetherness. Thru respective KTM clubs, they are even more active and bracing beneficial values in organising various events such as meaningful charity trips, convoys, government agency’s events, social visits for raising fund and etc. Thanks to dukers support in promoting motorsport event and activities in malaysia. In the end of dinner, winners group photo was taken.

KDTH2013 - 08

Registration counter  KDTH2013 - 06

Flag off by Y.A.M Dato’ Seri Syed Badlishah Ibni Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail, Chairman of MMSB

KDTH2013 - 03

KTM girl?

KDTH2013 - 05

KDTH2013 - 04

3…2…1….Ready to go

KDTH2013 - 07

Ready to boleh………

KDTH2013 - 010

We are discipline KTM Riders

KDTH2013 - 011

Country Side

KDTH2013 - 012

erm…. It’s the answer???????

KDTH2013 - 09

Diamond in KTM dealer (Chin Hin)?

KDTH2013 - 013

We are not only a rider! We are skillful rider!

KDTH2013 - 014

Ready to dine!

KDTH2013 - 015

Singers (Like) & Bike (Like)

KDTH2013 - 019

KTM Rock!!!!!!!!

KDTH2013 - 016

KDTH2013 - 017

KDTH2013 - 020

KTM DUKE TREASURE HUNT Winners group photo

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